Back in 2007, I traveled to Jamaica for the first time, and was stunned by its natural beauty – so much so that I returned again and again, discovering something new and breathtaking each time, on my own.

However, in 2011, I took the step of hiring a local tour guide to explore Montego Bay. This truly opened my eyes to what Jamaica had to offer; having a local perspective on shopping, culture, and cuisine makes all the world of difference, and I officially fell in love with Jamaica because of that.

My personal experience as a veteran of both the United States Air Force and Air National Guard makes me that much more appreciative of the experience of leadership, education, and day-to-day encounters that a local, expert tour guide can bring to a visitor – whether they are new to Jamaica, or have visited dozens of times. A tour of Jamaica from an experienced local guide has so much more to offer.

Fast forward to 2016. After having taken several local guided tours across Jamaica, I decided to form my own tour company to help as many people as possible discover this Caribbean jewel, especially from the perspective of the local population.

Volitionary Tours is so named because I believe life is all about choices; “volition” is a word that best describes one’s willpower, focus, and resolution when it comes to deciding something for oneself. Above all, I believe life should be full of these positive experiences and memories, because you get to take them with you wherever you go.

Volitionary Tours, LLC is a U.S.-based, Veteran-owned company that is registered to do business in Jamaica. All of our drivers are licensed and certified tour guides. Our mission is to provide cost-effective, personalized tour experiences and private transfers so our customers can create their own experiences and memories to last a lifetime!

Unlike other tour companies and local guides in Jamaica, we charge per trip instead of per person, so a tour or private transportation from the airport or a cruise ship port is ONE cost, for up to 14 people! We are passionate about creating an experience that is personalized, flexible, and exactly what YOU want to do with YOUR time in Jamaica.

Welcome to Volitionary Tours, and our commitment to help you experience Jamaica’s island life the way YOU want to experience it!

All our best to you,

Volitionary Tours

Concierge tour services is the safest way to explore Jamaica! We used Volitionary Tours for a 4-day excursion package and went to different tours and attractions all around the island. We stayed in an Airbnb villa and used Volitionary Tour’s personalized experience to have our dedicated guide for our entire stay. Our guide recommended activities based on our interests and really helped us get the most out of our vacation.  We will be seeking out this type of service on our next vacation and will definitely use Volitionary Tours when we return to Jamaica.


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Simply put, we are here to help you have a wonderful experience in Jamaica.

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