Dunn’s River Falls Tour

Written by Volitionary Tours

On November 3, 2019

Dunn's River Falls Tour $190

Dunn’s River Falls and park is a national treasure in Jamaica, a one of a kind travertine waterfall, and a very popular activity for tourists and locals. The park is minutes away from downtown Ocho Rios and a 90-minute drive from Montego Bay.

Park activities include walking up the falls in a human chain, relaxing on the beach where the falls meet the ocean, a restaurant serving jerk chicken and other local cuisine, and shopping for local crafts.

Volitionary Tours will get you to and from the falls and we are also available to show you around the park, keep track of your personal items, take pictures, and leave when you are ready to return to your cruise ship, hotel or villa. Welcome to concierge tour services with your personal tour guide.


We will pick you up from your cruise ship port, hotel or villa and take you to Dunn’s River Falls park. On your way to the park you can ask your guide to stop for food if you want to bring your own supplies for a picnic at the park or stop for anything you might have forgotten. Once you are at the park, your guide is available to show you around the park, keep an eye on your belongings, take pictures, or drop you off and pick you up when you are ready to leave the park.
  • We will pick you up at your resort, villa, or cruise ship port of call
  • One trip price up to 14 passengers
  • Tour includes up to 10 hours with your dedicated tour guide
  • 100% completely customized itinerary
  • Park tickets are not included in tour price
Best Time For This Excursion
Park Hours are 8:30 to 4:00 except on cruise days (every day of the week except Saturday) when the park is open from 7:00 to 4:00. 
Do I Need to Purchase Park Tickets In Advance?
Advance purchase is not required which makes this the perfect no pressure no problem tour to schedule. 
How Much Do Park Tickets Cost?
Park tickets cost $25 for adults and $17 for children (4-12 years of age)
Where can I purchase park tickets in advance if I want to?
For those of you who cannot embrace the no pressure no problem philosophy and need to purchase your tickets before you schedule your private tour with us, you can buy them directly from the Dunn’s River Falls website.
Will the park close due to bad weather?

Yes. However, bad weather pretty much only covers weather due to a hurricane. 

What should you bring?
A towel, swimsuit, hat, suntan lotion, sunglasses, camera and water shoes for climbing the falls. (Shoes are available at the park)


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