This is no Beach Bar! Explore Floyds Pelican Bar in Jamaica

Written by Volitionary Tours

On March 10, 2020

Floyd’s Pelican Bar

The ideal place where Jamaican waters meet cold beverages and fresh fish is located about one mile off of the southwestern coast of this island nation, where locals, family, and friends gather to enjoy this bar in the heart of Caribbean waters.

This wooden structure jutting out from blue tropical waters offers food, drink, and fun, including Jamaica’s world-famous Red Stripe beer, Rum Punch, and various other drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Its location also makes it ideal to sample succulent lobster or fresh fish. The ocean views are spectacular, and the character of the bar is second to none…you can find the wood surfaces here covered with messages from thousands of other visitors from across the world, and you’re free to add your own if you’d like. The views out here are spectacular, where relaxation, friends, family, food, and ocean breezes will give you a unique Jamaican memory to last a lifetime! 

A trip to Floyd’s Pelican Bar takes about 10 to 15 minutes by boat, from the Black River area, costing about $15 USD. This location makes for a great day trip and can be reached in a fairly short time from various points across Jamaica, with Volitionary Tours’ help, as follows: 

Things to Know Before You Go:
  • There are no restrooms at the bar.
  • You can swim, as long as you follow the rules that are posted. Water shoes are a must, though, as there are sea urchins in the area.
  • Shade can be hard go come by if the bar is really busy, so plan on bringing a hat or even an umbrella if you want to be out on the patio of Floyd’s Pelican Bar.
  • The bar only accepts cash (Jamaican Dollars are preferred, but they will accept US dollars). 

Floyds Pelican Bar Tour Description

Floyd’s Pelican Bar, off the southwest coast of Jamaica, offers stunning and unique views from out in the water. This is no beach bar! You’ll get to enjoy ocean breezes, cold drinks, fresh food, and the hospitality of locals and visitors from around the world. Come enjoy some time at this popular Jamaican hang-out; let Volitionary Tours handle all the arrangements!

 Your Pelican Bar Itinerary

Volitionary Tours will work with you to pick you up, wherever you are on Jamaica, to bring you to either the Black River or Parottee Point locations where boats may be taken over to Floyd’s Pelican Bar. You’ll have plenty of time, as this tour offers up to eight (8) hours’ time there, including your dedicated tour guide for this entire time. Since all tours with Volitionary are private, you can customize your trip to include stops wherever you’d like for shopping, food, and sightseeing on your way to or from Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Volitionary Tour’s guides are there to help you go where you want, when you want!

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your vacay today with the help from our Experience Extraordinaires.


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