A Trip to Rose Hall Near Montego Bay, Jamaica: The Mansion of White Witch

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On October 12, 2019

A Trip to Rose Hall Near Montego Bay, Jamaica: The Mansion of White Witch

Lush green topography, turquoise beaches lined with reefs and rainforests— Jamaica is the embodiment of ‘exotic’, a term that is overly tossed around. That said, there is more to Jamaica than its supreme, natural landscape that attracts tourists.

There are some tourist spots there that are famous for entirely different reasons. Let’s take the example of Rose Hall, a Georgian mansion situated amidst the greenery of Montego Bay giving a panoramic view of the surroundings and home to the White Witch. And why this mansion has garnered the reputation of a major tourist attraction of Montego Bay?

Let’s look at the reasons.

The Legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall

In today’s rational and technology-driven world, ghosts and witches have been confined to horror fiction. During the 17th and 18th century, there existed an entirely different opinion towards these spookish elements.

The history of Rose Hall is also entrenched in similar connotations. It is being chronicled that at the end of the 18th century, the mansion (Rose Hall) was occupied by John Parmer and his wife Annie Parmer (the white watch). It is said that Annie would practice the dungiest of the witchcraft. And Rose Hall became her sanctuary where she would perform all of
her satanic rituals.

As per folklore, she murdered John Parmer to strengthen her wizarding powers. She remarried two more times in the same mansion only to eventually kill her husbands for the same reason.

She also used to keep slaves there and kill them when she got bored with them. And as these folklores go, Annie Parmer, the White Witch, also met the same dreadful fate. It is being said that she was suffocated to death by one of her vengeful slave-lover.

As the legend accounts, Annie was buried right behind the mansion and a voodoo ritual was devised to make sure her evil spirit remained confined to the grave. For some unknown reasons, the ritual didn’t go as planned, allowing Annie’s evil spirit to escape. The legend says she still lurks in the alleyways of the mansion as a non-physical being.

Why You Should Visit Rose Hall, Jamaica?

There are several reasons why Rose Hall is worth a visit.

  • If you are a fan of Georgian architectural
    aesthetics and want to get astonished by its presence in the midst of Jamaica’s
    lush green plantation
  • If you have an interest in the history of European
    witchcraft and want to see its traces in different geographic landscapes
  • If you just want to experience the
    quintessential spookiness and eeriness of an uninhabited centuries-old mansion and
    have a penchant for the folklore narrations by the natives

Volitionary Tours

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